Oil painter /1966- Tokyo Japan

Musashino Art University junior college department oil painting specialty graduation

Japan Artists Association, Inc. Member
International Association of Art Member
The Royal Society of British Artists Honorary Guest Member
Art cultural society Council / All Japan Art Association Commissioner
National Palace Museum International friendship member (Taiwan)
Chinese writing manner study in visiting member professor
Japan-Europe Palace Association Member / Thai title “face of art’reception
Siena person of cultural merits authorization
Japanese Italian art contribution courier

Bercy Art museum (France)/Wine museum (France)
Mongolia national art museum (Mongolia)
Mongolia presidential palace (Mongolia)
Italian dynasty wine brewery (Italy)

Heian jingu Shrine (Japan)/Toshogu, Nikko (Japan)
Kiyomizu dera Temple (Japan)

French international art jackpot artist of Western painting jackpot
Japanese French art contribution author jackpot
International art author jackpot
Special selection of Japan-Europe Palace Association
Siena art museum prize / Toshogu Yomeimon prize
Milanese international art jackpot
Japanese Mekong exchange year establishment 10th anniversary commemoration Asian cultural asset authorization / A lot of others